Midwest Radio Association KØMSP

Welcome to the website of The Midwest Radio Association

The Midwest Radio Association, located in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, is an Amateur Radio group that is dedicated to public service within our community. Our organization encourages and fosters mutual interest in technology and Amateur Radio communications while promoting fellowship among amateur radio enthusiasts. The MRA is an informal group who likes to make Ham Radio fun!

The MRA operates repeaters on the 2-meter and 70-centimeter Amateur Radio bands, and identify with our club call sign KØMSP. Whether you are a new ham, or an experienced operator, we invite you to use them. We have been providing repeater service to the Amateur Radio community since 1979 and encourage the use of our repeaters for public service and disaster related communications.

If you are not a licensed Amateur Radio operator (“Ham”) and are interested in learning more about the hobby and/or would like to earn your Amateur Radio license, we encourage you to visit the ARRL website. Here you will learn what Ham Radio is about, information you need for getting licensed and search the ARRL database to find an Amateur Radio license class in your area. Ham Radio is fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline in times of disaster. It is a hobby that is easy to get involved in, and will last a lifetime.